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Big El Paso Fair 2023

1 min read

Starting March 31st until April 16th, 2023, Ascarate Park will be hosting the Big El Paso Fair 2023. Join the fun with rides, amazing food, and great entertainment. Discounts on Mega Pas...


Lift weights to lift your spirits

2 min read

As with most exercises, the mental health benefits are just as important as the physical. Here are some ways weight training can improve your mental health. • Decreases anxiety Anxiety ...


National Gardening Day

1 min read

National Gardening Day on April 14th encourages gardeners and would-be gardeners to pick up a shovel, plant some seeds, and kick off a beautiful year of homegrown bounty. Whether you wan...


Five natural ways to maintain muscle mass as you age

2 min read

Aside from regular weight training exercise, you can help maintain muscle mass as you age with vitamin supplements and diet choices. Here are a few: • Eat protein. The body breaks down p...


Spinach Quesadillas

2 min read

Eating leafy greens can do wonders for muscle strength, according to new research from Edith Cowan University. The study, which published in the Journal of Nutrition on March 24, found t...


Weight training at 50

1 min read

Both men and women start losing muscle mass as they age. Most people see their muscle mass diminish around 3% to 5% per decade after turning 30. Unfortunately, as your muscle mass dimini...


Magnesium keeps dementia at bay

1 min read

More magnesium in our daily diet leads to better brain health as we age, according to scientists from the Neuroimaging and Brain Lab at The Australian National University (ANU). The rese...



1 min read

Celebrate Easter at the El Paso Zoo Egg Hunt. Come and visit your Zoo animal friends, take a picture with the Easter Bunny, enjoy live performances, hop in for special egg-tivities, lear...


Music for mood improvement

1 min read

Music takes 13 minutes to ‘release sadness’ and 9 to make you happy, according to new study. Recent research (February 2023) proves that music heals and suggests that in the future, musi...


​ Do a good deed this Good Friday

1 min read

While some of us are observing Good Friday, it is a perfect day for all of us to get creative and perform a good deed.Whether it’s taking some treats to your neighborhood firehouse, buying E...


Tune into a healing frequency

1 min read

Specific frequencies have been regarded as promoting healing and well-being. The Solfeggio frequencies are a set of 9 electromagnetic tones that are reputed to have the power to heal and...


Benefits of Listening to Music While Eating

2 min read

Enjoying music while having dinner can do more than just set a mood. Listening to music while eating can help nurture healthy eating habits. Here’s how: • Relieves Stress While Boosting...


​ Pump up the jam and your exercise will follow

1 min read

Listening to music while exercising can help improve the quality of your workout by increasing your stamina while putting you in a better mood. Studies show that faster-paced music tends ...


Music improves medication effect

1 min read

While listening to a favorite song is a known mood booster, researchers at Michigan State University have discovered that music-listening interventions also can make medicines more effec...


El Paso Chihuahuas

1 min read

Seniors and kids are in a for a special treat today at Southwest University Park as the El Pao Chihuahuas take on the Sugarland Space Cowboys at 12:05PM. After the game kids are free to ...


Spring-onset depression

2 min read

Psychiatrists believe spring-onset depression may be due in part to various transitions, such as the end of the school year, ramp-up to graduations in May and June, or relocation associa...


Make a picnic lunch

1 min read

Spring is finally here in El Paso and the time is perfect for an outdoor lunch. It is also an opportunity to reconnect with a friend or relative. Make an easy picnic lunch and pick up yo...


Fighting Depression with Sunlight and Exercise

1 min read

Exercise and sunshine are both simple but effective tools in treating depression, so why not take advantage of both at the same time? A 2005 study introduced a group of women to a thr...


Foods That Make You Happy

2 min read

Some specific foods can help you feel happy and relieve anxiety- and not just because they're delicious. In fact, it has a lot to do with antioxidants, the compounds found in many fruits...


Exercise to fight stress and depression

1 min read

The effects of chronic, or long-term, stress can be harmful on their own, but they also can contribute to depression, a mood disorder that makes you feel sad and disinterested in things ...


Immune system cells linked to stress-induced depression

1 min read

In experiments with mice and humans, a team led by Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers says it has identified a particular intestinal immune cell that impacts the gut microbiome, which in tur...


Sunland Derby

1 min read

Sunland Park’s most important prep race for the Kentucky Derby is the Sunland Derby, contested on the dirt main track at 1 1/8 miles (9 furlongs). The race gives the top four finishers p...


Using the Mediterranean diet to reduce stress

1 min read

New animal research in Neurobiology of Stress found that following a Mediterranean diet may help tone down stress and promote healthy aging. Stress can manifest itself in many forms and ...


Plant a Mediterranean herb garden for your health

1 min read

This spring consider planting these “classic Italian” or Mediterranean herbs. • Basil • Oregano • Rosemary • Sage • Thyme These plants are currently available in our local nurseries an...

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