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It’s grapefruit season!

2 min read

Grapefruit is 92% water, giving it one of the highest water contents of any fruit. That makes it good for overall health. Several studies have shown that people who eat half a fresh grap...


Stretch Every Day

3 min read

If you made a new year’s resolution to start exercising, congratulate yourself: We are in the final stretch of January and you already have one month down. And speaking of stretching, he...


COVID-19 reduces U.S. life expectancy

1 min read

The COVID-19 pandemic, which claimed more than 336,000 lives in the United States in 2020, has significantly affected life expectancy, USC and Princeton researchers have found. The re...


It’s National Peanut Butter Day!

1 min read

Today is National Peanut Butter Day. Whether your style is creamy or chunky, with marsh-mellow creme or with jelly, peanut butter gets the recognition it deserves each year on this day. ...


How to curb emotional eating

2 min read

While there is nothing wrong with occasionally enjoying ‘comfort food,’ eating to fulfill an emotional void can be serious. People who emotionally eat reach for food as a way to suppress...


Plan your good deeds for 2021

1 min read

Many of us write out our new year’s resolutions as we plan to improve our lives in the coming year. Now would also be a good time to write out how you would like to help improve the live...


Feeling anxious? Try 4-7-8 breathing

2 min read

The next time you feel anxious or stressed you can try this breathing technique. It’s quick, easy to remember and a simple way to relax. sit down with your back straight and the tip ...


Being aware of what you eat

2 min read

It’s more than halfway through January and those of us who started a new diet for the new year may need some advice to strengthen our resolve. Experts agree that by slowing down and beco...


Wake up your feet and hands

2 min read

People with poor circulation experience challenges with balance and mobility and have trouble starting an exercise regimen. This exercise is designed to wake the hands and feet through a...


Saccharin does not lead to diabetes in healthy adults

1 min read

For those trying to live a healthy lifestyle, the choice between sugar and artificial sweeteners such as saccharin can be confusing. A new study led by researchers at The Ohio State Univ...


A breathtaking view

1 min read

It’s great weather and a new year – why not head for the hills? Every Sunday Scenic Drive is closed to traffic from 7 a.m. to noon to allow the El Pasoans to safely walk, jog, run and bi...


Tell yourself to shut up

2 min read

We begin each new year with a renewed mission for personal improvement. But most of the time that mission is sabotaged by our own inner critic. Our inner critic is the voice in our head ...


What to do when inspiration is low

1 min read

‘Aspire to inspire before we expire, ‘- Eugene Bell Jr Everyone has someone in mind that inspires them. It may be an author, a prize fighter or a favorite teacher. Today, we encourag...


Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss

2 min read

Several studies show that apple cider vinegar can increase feelings of fullness. This can lead you to eat fewer calories and lose weight. For example, according to one study, taking vine...


Black bean and corn salad

2 min read

Eating a little healthier doesn’t have to be a huge chore. This tasty salad is full of nutrition and can be made in minutes – and on a budget! Ingredients 1 can of black beans – 1 ...


A comfortable pace for walking

2 min read

When staring a regular walking routine, plan to cover a set distance each day and monitor how long it takes you to walk it. As your fitness improves, you will be able to walk a longer di...


Covid19 can cause cognitive issues

1 min read

More and more evidence is coming out that people with COVID-19 are suffering from cognitive effects, such as brain fog and fatigue. And researchers are discovering why. The SARS-CoV-2 viru...


It’s National Sunday Supper Day

1 min read

National Sunday Supper Day encourages families to gather around the table, enjoy a meal and a conversation on the second Sunday in January. So today is as good a day as any to round up the h...


Learn self-compassion

1 min read

Self-compassion begins with the simple practice of noticing what you are feeling. In doing so, you remind yourself that you are human and therefore not perfect. When you learn to treat yours...


Where are you going in 2021?

1 min read

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.” —J.P. Morgan While the pandemic has limited our ability to move freely about the world,...


It’s a good time to detox

2 min read

A new year brings the promise of a new outlook and a renewed sense of purpose. Why not also renew your digestive system by introducing some detoxification measures? Here’s one way: Gr...


New diet for the new year? Here’s some advice

2 min read

Many people begin a diet to lose weight and improve health as part of their new year’s resolutions. But, instead of making huge drastic changes, experts say that in order to stick to a s...


Making exercise enjoyable is the key to success

1 min read

The holidays are over, and the time has come to start a ‘regular’ fitness routine. Whether a die-hard fitness buff, a couch potato or someone in between, many people start an exercise pr...


Blood vessel cells and chronic inflammation of obesity

1 min read

When a person consumes more calories than needed, the excess calories are stored in the form of triglycerides inside fat tissue, also known as white adipose tissue (WAT). Researchers kno...

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