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​ Can washing your car lead to washboard abs?

1 min read

A lot of people simply just can’t get a fitness routine started. In the past we have talked about ways you can get physical without going to the gym or changing your whole routine. A simple ...


​ Previously infected COVID-19 survivors may only need one vaccine dose

1 min read

Those recovered from COVID-19 had a robust antibody response after the first mRNA vaccine dose, but little immune benefit after the second dose, according to new research. The findings sugge...


Explore the canyon – again!

1 min read

The city of El Paso's Parks and Recreation Department has reopened McKelligon Canyon to vehicles making a Sunday Funday drive and outing just the ticket! Know more: https://visitelpaso.c...


How to center yourself

3 min read

Feeling centered can help work your way through many negative emotions, such as grief, anger, trauma, depression, and sadness. A regular practice of centering can also allow you to have ...


Comfort decorating: Make Your Home A Sanctuary

2 min read

The places we spend the most time in have a huge impact on our mindset. That's why since the coronavirus pandemic began, lots of people have been remaking their homes to become more cozy...


​ Treat headaches with magnesium

2 min read

Magnesium is a mineral that is responsible for a large number of crucial bodily functions. These include nerve transmission and blood sugar control. Magnesium has also shown potential as a h...


Have a scoop of ice cream without the sprinkles of guilt

1 min read

Almost everyone loves ice cream. And everyone also knows it isn’t exactly health food. But choosing slow-churned ice cream can be a better option than traditional ice cream. Slow-chu...


What your body is telling you

1 min read

Your body craves movement. It wants to get strong and get moving every single day. Aches and pains are your body's way of begging you to satisfy those cravings . And it doesn't have to be a ...


Gene alterations may stop spread of malaria

1 min read

Altering a mosquito's gut genes to make them spread antimalarial genes to the next generation of their species shows promise as an approach to curb malaria, suggests a preliminary study ...


Create a Masterpiece with Sidewalk Chalk

1 min read

With sidewalk chalk the size of your masterpiece is only limited by your imagination. Whether everyone works on the same piece or individual ones, it’s a fun way to spend a sunny afterno...


Understanding post COVID anxiety

2 min read

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to a new emotional condition. It lies somewhere between a slight hesitancy to leave the house, and a full-blown case of agoraphobia. The new condi...


Fix something

1 min read

We all have something broken tucked away in a drawer or a corner of the garage. Whether it is a lamp, a porcelain figurine or a small appliance, tell yourself that today is the day I am ...


The ABC's of CBD

2 min read

CBD is one of the hundreds of chemicals found in the flowering cannabis plant. CBD does not have the psychoactive, or mind-altering, effects of another chemical found in cannabis called ...


Fast food Tips and Tricks

2 min read

Trying to eat healthy at a fast food restaurant is difficult – but not impossible. Here are a few tips from the experts: • Skip the soda even if it comes with the meal. Choose unswee...


​ What is ‘holistic fitness?’

2 min read

Many people have begun approaching fitness as one piece of a larger health puzzle rather than a way to simply gain strength. By balancing exercise with restorative activities like sleep and ...


Sugar may affect brain development in children

2 min read

Children are the highest consumers of added sugar, even as high-sugar diets have been linked to health effects like obesity and heart disease and even impaired memory function. Howeve...


It’s National Pet Day

1 min read

For some households every day is National Pet Day, but today on Sunday Funday, it is official. National Pet Day on April 11th dedicates the day to those pets who may not always get t...


How gardening teaches us acceptance

2 min read

Of the many benefits of gardening, the psychological effect may often be overlooked. Gardening can be a metaphor for life, the things we can control, the things we can’t and learning to ...


​ Offer a helping hand in the garden

1 min read

You probably have a neighbor who may be a little more senior in years. Here’s an idea: this spring mask up, knock on their door with a rake in hand and ask them if you could help them with a...


​ Gardening as mental and physical therapy

2 min read

Interacting with nature — even in the simple act of viewing trees or visiting garden-like settings — can have dramatic therapeutic results. Post-surgical hospital patients who viewed trees o...


Walk and talk meetings

2 min read

It was only a matter of time before ingenuity addressed the problem being stuck to your computer screen during (usually boring) virtual meetings. The solution comes in the form of an eas...


Buy a basil plant

2 min read

The next time you are in the vegetable aisle at your grocery store, check to see if they have live basil plants. Many stores offer this versatile herb in a small pot with soil and often ...


Origins of life

1 min read

Photosynthesis could be as old as life itself. Researchers find that the earliest bacteria had the tools to perform a crucial step in photosynthesis, changing how we think life evolved o...


Egg hunt for adults

1 min read

Who said you have to be a kid to enjoy a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt? This Easter we say host an egg hunt with your housemates and add a special ‘adult’ spin. You can write your o...

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