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​ Clear some space

1 min read

When the horizontal spaces in your home are loaded with clutter or items you no longer use, it can often leave you feeling overwhelmed. Today, focus on the horizontal spaces of your home and...


DIY SPF? Homemade Sunscreen

2 min read

There are plenty of homemade sunscreen recipes on the internet, but few of them will actually protect your skin from cancer-causing UVB and UVA rays. offers this Homemade ...


Pasta Primavera: your go-to springtime dinner

2 min read

When it comes to enjoying a variety of vegetables and pasta there are no hard and fast rules. In fact, if you are looking for an easy way to use up what you have in your vegetable drawer...


Get a rope!

1 min read

Do you remember the salsa commercial that had cowboys saying, ‘get a rope,’ after they learned their cook served them salsa from New York City? Well, salsa aside, jumping rope can be a f...


Caffeine craving may be in the blood

1 min read

Whether you hanker for a hard hit of caffeine or favor the frothiness of a milky cappuccino, your regular coffee order could be telling you more about your cardio health than you think. ...


​ Appreciate our murals

2 min read

El Paso has seen many impressive murals go up all over the city. While many are concentrated in older areas like downtown, five points and the segundo barrio, there are larger-than-life pain...


Taking your space

1 min read

During the pandemic many of the social rules that we have known went right out the window. As we slowly readjust to the world, our instinct may be to surround ourselves with (hopefully v...


​ Make Mother’s Day Cards

1 min read

There is no better way to show your mother appreciation than a home-made card. Enclosing an old photo or a piece of artwork from your childhood can be especially touching. The idea is to spe...


Treat mosquito bites with these common items

3 min read

Mosquito bites are the hallmark of warmer weather. Creams and ointments can help, but you can also beat the itch with things that are probably already lying around your house. Oatmeal...


Celebrate Cinco de Mayo the Low-cal way!

3 min read

It’s a day to celebrate Mexican culture so we thought we would give you a way to step up your usual nachos with this Chicken Mole Tostadas recipe. Ingredients 1 cup reduced-sodium ...


El Paso reopens aquatic centers

1 min read

Many fitness experts espouse the incredible benefits of swimming as an aerobic workout because it causes less stress to your knees and other joints. If you are lucky enough to have your ...


​ Experimental drug shows promise against Alzheimer's disease

1 min read

Researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine have designed an experimental drug that reversed key symptoms of Alzheimer's disease in mice. The drug works by reinvigorating a cellul...


​ Sunday at the El Paso Rose Garden is blooming good fun

1 min read

Today is Sunday Funday and it is the perfect time to go to the EL Paso Municipal Rose Garden. With over 1500 roses in 432 different varieties in bloom your senses will delight all of your se...


Rediscover your soul

1 min read

Amid all of the demands of everyday life it is easy to misplace or forget things along the way. Today we say make it your goal to find a way to rediscover yourself. One way to get back t...


Mind your manners

1 min read

Having good manners, even when no one is around, says a lot about how you see yourself and eventually how others will see you. Most people know how to put on a good show of manners when ...


​ Cabbage for arthritis pain

2 min read

Cabbage leaf has been used for centuries for swelling, ulcers, sprains, and strains. In one Swiss hospital, patients with rheumatoid arthritis have their swollen joints wrapped at night in c...


It’s peak asparagus season

1 min read

Although available year-round, this is the ideal time to look for asparagus in the market.They are in season from February to June, with April being the peak. Fresh asparagus will be bri...


​ Can washing your car lead to washboard abs?

1 min read

A lot of people simply just can’t get a fitness routine started. In the past we have talked about ways you can get physical without going to the gym or changing your whole routine. A simple ...


​ Previously infected COVID-19 survivors may only need one vaccine dose

1 min read

Those recovered from COVID-19 had a robust antibody response after the first mRNA vaccine dose, but little immune benefit after the second dose, according to new research. The findings sugge...


Explore the canyon – again!

1 min read

The city of El Paso's Parks and Recreation Department has reopened McKelligon Canyon to vehicles making a Sunday Funday drive and outing just the ticket! Know more: https://visitelpaso.c...


How to center yourself

3 min read

Feeling centered can help work your way through many negative emotions, such as grief, anger, trauma, depression, and sadness. A regular practice of centering can also allow you to have ...


Comfort decorating: Make Your Home A Sanctuary

2 min read

The places we spend the most time in have a huge impact on our mindset. That's why since the coronavirus pandemic began, lots of people have been remaking their homes to become more cozy...


​ Treat headaches with magnesium

2 min read

Magnesium is a mineral that is responsible for a large number of crucial bodily functions. These include nerve transmission and blood sugar control. Magnesium has also shown potential as a h...


Have a scoop of ice cream without the sprinkles of guilt

1 min read

Almost everyone loves ice cream. And everyone also knows it isn’t exactly health food. But choosing slow-churned ice cream can be a better option than traditional ice cream. Slow-chu...

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