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Time of day and weight loss

2 min read

Restricting meals to early in the day did not affect weight among overweight adults with prediabetes or diabetes, according to preliminary research to be presented at the American Heart ...


Make it a Disney Day

1 min read

Mickey Mouse first appeared publicly in the short film ‘Steamboat Willy’ on November 18, 1928, the day fans officially recognize as Mickey Mouse’s Birthday. In anticipation of this...


Practicing gratitude brings happiness

1 min read

The benefits of practicing gratitude can lead you to a feeling of happiness and give you a deeper appreciation of your daily life. Taking time to reflect upon the things you are grat...


Create your own luck

2 min read

This Friday the 13th we thought we would talk about ‘luck.’ Luck isn’t always something that you stumble upon, or that randomly happens to you, sometimes you can find it -if you know whe...


The mighty, mighty cranberry

2 min read

Cranberries are a superfood. People can consume them in the form of a sauce or a juice. They can also add them to stuffing, casseroles, or dessert. These highly nutritious berries are al...


Healthier Thanksgiving Dinner: Stuffing

3 min read

November brings us the great American feast known as Thanksgiving. Every year dieticians warn us against the insanely high caloric intake by eating this traditional meal. In the coming w...


Three household jobs that burn major calories

2 min read

Many of us spruce up our homes in preparation for fall and winter. This year, since we will most likely spend even more time at home it seems like tackling a few household chores might m...


The New Body Temperature

1 min read

In the nearly two centuries since German physician Carl Wunderlich established 98.6°F as the standard "normal" body temperature, it has been used by parents and doctors alike as the meas...


Write a holiday letter

1 min read

The old-fashioned Christmas Card has been replaced by a Christmas Text or Gif. Sending holiday greetings in the mail seems to have been forgotten amid the hustle and bustle of the ...


Plan a digital-detox day

1 min read

COVID updates and other topics currently in the news are upsetting. While staying informed is important, it does not mean we have to be attached to our phones for hours on end engaged in...


Share the warmth

1 min read

It’s the time of year when we pull out our heavier blankets and sweaters and prepare for a few months of cold weather. This year, as you rummage through your closets, consider making a d...


A daily dose of Classical Music may work wonders

2 min read

We all know that music can soothe the savage beast, but it can also have almost miraculous effects on our physical, mental and emotional health. While not the most popular genre of music, Cl...


Salads aren’t just for summer anymore!

2 min read

Most people eat more fruits and vegetables during the spring and summer months when produce shelves seem to overflow with freshly grown – and refreshing choices. But, just because it is ...


Design your fitness program

2 min read

Sure it is easy to say that you will exercise every day but actually doing it is another story. As the holidays approach and winter weather makes going outdoors a little harder, it is ti...


Positive outlook predicts less memory decline

1 min read

We may wish some memories could last a lifetime, but many physical and emotional factors can negatively impact our ability to retain information throughout life. A new study published...


All-Saints Bingo Anyone?

1 min read

While All-Saints Day is widely celebrated in other parts of the world, in the seems to quite literally stand in the shadow of Halloween. Since we are all stuck at home this year, ...


The effects of fear

2 min read

Fear is a human emotion that is triggered by a perceived threat. It is a basic survival mechanism that signals our bodies to respond to danger with a fight or flight response However,...


Guided imagery for pain management

1 min read

Guided imagery or visualization involves mental scenes and situations that you consciously create in order to focus your thoughts on pleasant things and not focus on stress. In doing so,...


A sweet but healthier treat for tricksters

1 min read

With Halloween being the monster of all candy consuming celebrations, this may be a good year to try something new since we all know this year will be different anyway. Consider na...


Hand deliver Halloween treats

1 min read

There will be no trick-or-treating this year in El Paso so it may be time to start a new tradition. Make a list of the children in your family that would normally go trick-or-treat...


Exercise Guidelines by Age

2 min read

Keeping up with father time is a fact of life that we all must accept. As we reach certain ages it is important to stay active. Meet these minimum recommendations for physical activity t...


New staging system for prostate cancer

1 min read

Doctors and biostatisticians at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center have led the development and validation of a staging system to better predict outcomes and inform treatment...


Give someone in your home a ‘do anything’ day

1 min read

Sometimes it’s not easy coming up with something to do – especially nowadays. Today, we say put the burden on someone else – like your spouse. Declare today a ‘let’s eat anything, ...


Pandemic stress is real, here’s what you can do

3 min read

Staying calm during the pandemic isn’t easy, but it’s possible. “Having some fear and anxiety over coronavirus is perfectly normal. But if anxiety begins to impede your ability to c...

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