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Small fiber neuropathy may cause tingling, foot pain

2 min read

The number of people experiencing numbness, tingling and pain in their feet with no known cause has been increasing over the last two decades, according at a new study published in the O...


Pack a Halloween Punch!

2 min read

Here’s a spooky drink that’s over-the-top fun: Halloween Punch! This blood red cauldron magically bubbles and boils, releasing tendrils of smoke all over the room. If that’s not impressi...


How to Help Children Manage Fear

3 min read

Fears are part of being a kid. Monsters in the closet. Dogs who come too close. Loud thunder. As parents we always want to make kids feel better. But experts say parents can’t — and shou...


Make a Halloween Wreath

5 min read

Whether you’re the type who’s been dreaming since last year of decorating the house for Halloween, or you typically end up throwing it all together at the last minute (no judgement!) we’...


Natural (And crunchy) breath fresheners

1 min read

As Halloween candy season approaches, dentists everywhere remind us to make sure our kids brush and floss regularly. But some adults may have issues even if they maintain a healthy oral ...


‘Healthy’ Halloween candy

1 min read

Candy, by nature, is an indulgence. It has very little nutritional value and can be excessively high in fats and sugars. But, back in the real world, it’s Halloween and we will most like...


Take a Halloween Stroll

1 min read

Let’s face it, getting motivated to take an evening walk can be a challenge. But come this Sunday, you will have extra incentives. Volunteer to take your kids or grandkids trick or treat...


Benefits of calorie restriction and fasting

2 min read

Over the last few decades, scientists have discovered that long-term calorie restriction provides a wealth of benefits in animals: lower weight, better blood sugar control, even longer l...


​ Operation Pumpkin Today

1 min read

Do you love seeing all of the uniquely awesome Jack-o'-lanterns people come up with? Then you won’t want to miss our 20th Annual Operation Pumpkin at the Coronado Country Club from 4:30-...


Different forms of depression

3 min read

Most people understand that depression often involves sadness or a low mood, but it also has other, less well-known symptoms. For example, many people don’t realize depression can involv...


National Make a Dog’s Day

1 min read

National Make a Dog’s Day on October 22nd provides an opportunity to give all dogs the best day of their lives. The day not only encourages visits to shelters, but it is also a r...


​ Dark Chocolate for lower cholesterol

1 min read

Dark chocolate is rich in flavanols, which relax blood vessels and boost blood flow, and research suggests that regular dark chocolate consumption could lower your blood pressure. Expert...


‘Sort of healthy’ Seven-layer dip

2 min read

A few store-bought ingredients and the right touch can bring this crowd-pleasing, game day classic to your table in just 5 minutes. Here’s how: In a straight-sided, clear bowl, layer ...


Best way to get into shape after 40

2 min read

Getting in shape after 40 comes down to two main things: specific exercises and mindset. Experts advise to begin slowly of you are not used to regular exercise. After easing into fitness...


Scientists discover genes that cause obesity

1 min read

University of Virginia scientists have identified 14 genes that can cause and three that can prevent weight gain. The findings pave the way for treatments to combat a health problem that...


​ The El Paso Film Festival

1 min read

The El Paso Film Festival, returns to the Philanthropy Theatre and Alamo Drafthouse Montecillo, October 14-17, 2021. A showcase for independently produced films, the festival off...


Develop a Passion

2 min read

Experts agree that investing time in something that you are truly passionate about will improve your overall quality of life and help to make you feel emotionally fulfilled.Here is advic...


National Mammography Day

2 min read

Every year on the third Friday in October, National Mammography Day is observed during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This day serves as a reminder to all women that the best de...


Lowering cholesterol by the bowlful

1 min read

Can a bowl of oatmeal help lower your cholesterol? How about a handful of almonds? A few simple tweaks to your diet, along with exercise and other heart-healthy habits, has been proven t...


Acorn squash can grow on you!

2 min read

Acorn squash is rich in antioxidants, which can neutralize potentially harmful molecules called free radicals. These antioxidants can help to protect people against health issues like ar...


Overcoming common exercise pitfalls

2 min read

Most everyone can agree the exercise is good for you. But many of us have trouble starting or sticking to a workout routine. Here are some common exercise pitfalls and how to avoid them....


​ Possible treatment for pancreatic cancer

1 min read

MIT engineers, in collaboration with scientists at Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, have developed a new way to grow tiny replicas of the pancreas, using either healthy or cancerous ...


Ways to boost your self-esteem

2 min read

Everyone feels the pain of self-doubt occasionally. Here are some ways to help boost your self-esteem. Source: (https://www.mayoc...


Extend a helping hand

2 min read

Annunciation House is a volunteer organization that offers hospitality to migrants, immigrants, and refugees in the border region of El Paso, Texas. Since its founding in 1978, it has pr...

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