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​ Avoid the winter blahs with Vitamin D

1 min read

People who develop mild depression during the winter months may have insufficient levels of vitamin D. Research investigating this association suggests that daily intake of 4,000 IU of v...


Pick up something new

1 min read

Make 2022 the year you finally do what you have been wanting to do for years. Whether you pick up a paint brush, a scrap book, or a journal make some time to get creative – and make it a...


​ Join a yoga class

2 min read

Some people exercise to relieve stress; others to build strength and increase flexibility. Yoga can do both. If you are looking for a mindful workout, consider these benefits of yoga: ...


Curb your appetite with Fiber

1 min read

If you are looking for ways to boost your commitment to eat less calories in 2022, try adding fiber to your diet. Soluble fiber has several favorable effects. Because it forms gels in wa...


​ Cut out some calories this year

2 min read

Loosing excess weight really centers around one thing — calories. Despite all the diet strategies out there, weight management still comes down to the calories you take in versus those you b...


Move over 2022

2 min read

Study after study has shown that sitting for an extended period each day can make us fat and increases our risk of serious health complications. If you are like millions of others, you h...


Dietary fiber improves outcomes for melanoma patients

1 min read

Melanoma patients receiving therapy that makes it easier for their immune system to kill cancer cells respond to treatment better when their diet is rich in fiber, according to a large, ...


National Science Fiction Day

1 min read

National Science Fiction Day promotes the celebration of science fiction as a genre, its creators, history, and various media, too. On January 2nd annually, millions of science fiction f...


Rid yourself of toxic people

3 min read

As we ring in the new year and focus on our resolutions, you may consider who you are bringing with you into 2022 and re-examine their place in your life. Toxic relationships can come in...


Write down those resolutions

1 min read

It’s time to bring 2021 to a close and hope for a better 2022. Today, on Inspire Friday, we encourage you to sit down and imagine a better version of yourself during the coming year. Wha...


New Year’s Meditation

3 min read

Here’s a mindful way to start the new year: By recalling the highs and lows of 2021 and focusing your attention and emotions, you can bring a sense of closure as well and embrace anew be...


Start the new year with these groceries

2 min read

All nutritionists agree that the best place to start a diet is at the grocery store. What you buy determines what meals you will prepare, what snacks you will reach for and how many calo...


Tips To Reach Your New Year’s Fitness Goals

2 min read

You have the new training shoes, the matching warm-ups and a fancy new water bottle. Now the only thing left is to actually use them. Here are a few tips to get you going in 2022. Sou...


​ Improving drug options for colorectal cancer patients

1 min read

Patients with colorectal cancer were among the first to receive targeted therapies. These drugs aim to block the cancer-causing proteins that trigger out-of-control cell growth while sparing...


See the light

1 min read

It’s the day after Christmas and some of the excitement has worn off. It’s a perfect night to jump in the car and take your family for a drive. Check out a new neighborhood and enjoy eve...


Missing loved ones during the holidays

2 min read

It is natural to miss loved ones during the holidays. For some, missing a deceased parent or spouse becomes particularly difficult at Christmas time. How you choose to cope with the feel...


​ Sing a Christmas Song

1 min read

It has been proven that music can lift your spirits. This Christmas Eve, gather the people in your household and listen to Christmas Music together. Encourage everyone to join in on the sing...


​ Get Good Sleep During the Holidays

2 min read

The holidays are a busy and festive time. It’s easy to fall out of our normal routines and stay awake longer. While it is important any time of year, getting quality sleep during the holiday...


Nutritious Egg Nog?

2 min read

These days, you can find a store-bought egg nog to satisfy your taste and dietary preferences. From ones made with grass-fed dairy to ones that are vegan and nut-free, these options can ...


Play with your kids this Christmas

1 min read

When we were children many of us would open our Christmas gifts and run outside to start riding that new bike or give the new baseball bat a swing. This Christmas you can get a workout a...


Overweight children developing heart complications

1 min read

The percentage of obese children and teens jumped from 19% pre-pandemic to 22%, according to a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And the rate at which body mass ...


​ Staying sober this holiday season

2 min read

If you are in recovery and are not drinking due to an alcohol use disorder, being around alcohol at all, particularly in the early days, can be next to impossible. Instead of risking a reaso...


The Last-Minute Christmas Market

1 min read

Upper Valley Artist & Farmers Market presents the last-Minute Christmas Market, Sunday December 19 from 11am-3pm at 7830 North Mesa. Over 100 local small businesses are ready to help you...


CBD oil

1 min read

Cannabidiol is a popular natural remedy used for many common ailments. Better known as CBD, it is one of more than 100 chemical compounds called cannabinoids however, unlike THC, CBD is ...

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