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​ What is pickleball? It’s a great workout!

1 min read

Pickleball is a beginner-friendly court sport played with paddles and a perforated plastic ball. For most, it’s quicker to pick up than other racket-based sports (like tennis or badminton), ...


Identifying new mechanism behind certain types of breast cancer

1 min read

Researchers trace the origin of certain breast cancers to genomic reshuffling -- rearrangement of chromosomes -- that activates cancer genes and ignites disease. The finding offers a long-mi...


Memorial Day Nature Walk

14 min read

This short distance trail meanders through arroyos and hills to give a great introduction to desert plants and wildlife for kids, beginner hikers, and wildlife enthusiasts alike. The bir...


Embrace the emotions around graduation

1 min read

Ask any parent who’s had a child graduate. You can expect a roller coaster of emotions in the weeks before, the day of, and the weeks after. Accept them. Share them, as appropriate, with...


National Wine Day

1 min read

On May 25th each year, wine lovers everywhere pour a glass of their favorite wine to celebrate National Wine Day.Whether it is Red or White, the sound of glassing “clinking” will be hear...


Make A Natural Fly Repellent

1 min read

If you are planning your next cookout you may want to try this DIY fly repellent spray: In a bowl, mix 1 cup of water, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, and a few drops of dish soap. Spray around the...


Tips for a Healthy Cookout

2 min read

Keeping your diet during cookout season is easy. According to experts, the key is to build a healthful barbecue of lean protein foods paired with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Here are...


Fun activities that provide a great workout

2 min read

Memorial Day kicks off the summer recreation season. Here are a few fun activities that make getting exercise a whole lot more fun. • Dancing The benefits of getting down include stress-...


The science of attraction: Why we fall for certain people

1 min read

Sometimes life's most meaningful relationships grow from the briefest of connections. Like when you go to a party and meet someone wearing your favorite band's T-shirt, or who laughs at ...


​ El Paso Water Parks Now Open

1 min read

From thrilling adventures to relaxation, El Paso's water parks have something for everyone. Choose from water slides & surfing, lazy rivers & pools and you can even rent a cabana. More i...


Create boundaries and learn to say no

2 min read

Not all stressors are within your control, but some are. Putting too much on your plate may increase your stress load and limit the amount of time you can spend on self-care. Taking cont...


​ National Pizza Party Day

1 min read

Each year on the third Friday in May, millions of pizza lovers across the nation join in extolling the qualities of pizza on National Pizza Party Day. Since pizza is one of America’s favorit...


Practice deep breathing for stress

2 min read

Mental stress activates your sympathetic nervous system, sending your body into fight-or-flight mode. During this reaction, stress hormones trigger physical symptoms such as a faster hea...


How to manage stress eating

2 min read

Perhaps the simplest way to describe stress eating is when you are experiencing intense emotions and you find comfort in food (especially when you are not hungry) as a distraction from a...


​ Best Exercises to Ease Stress and Anxiety

2 min read

Almost any form of exercise can help reduce stress, but aerobic exercise may be the fastest way to get stress-busting benefits. Aerobic exercise helps ease stress by elevating your heart rat...


​ Detecting stress by how people type, click

1 min read

In Switzerland, one in three employees suffers from workplace stress. Those affected often don't realize that their physical and mental resources are dwindling until it's too late. This make...


Emotional issues around Mother’s Day

3 min read

Not all mother-child relationships are Hallmark worthy. In fact, family dysfunction can be one of the most significant contributing factors to emotional health issues. If your relationsh...


​ Make mom an ‘at home spa day’ gift

2 min read

Like most gifts, it is the thought that counts. If you are looking for ways for small children to make mom a special gift this year, put together a personal ‘spa’ day at home. Many discount ...


Get mom a massage

1 min read

Let’s be honest, while mom will love the flowers and attention on Mother’s Day, it will back to reality come Monday. Unless you give her the gift of massage when she can schedule her app...


Healthy Mother’s Day breakfast ideas

1 min read

Millions of people will be waking up on Mother’s Day and attempt to make dear mom a breakfast she will never forget. Many will have additional little hands helping in the kitchen too. So...


Working Moms and Moms that workout

2 min read

Making time for regular exercise can be a challenge for anyone but, imagine adding a child or two to the struggle. For most mothers, the combination of work, familial demands and general...


Mothers' and babies' brains 'more in tune' when mother is happy

1 min read

Mothers' and babies' brains can work together as a 'mega-network' by synchronizing brain waves when they interact. The level of connectivity of the brain waves varies according to the mo...


The history of Mother’s Day

1 min read

If there is a lull in conversation at your Mother’s Day gathering, hit up your companions with your impressive (if not geeky) knowledge of this day: The origins of celebrating motherhood...


The Queen has spoken

1 min read

"The Queen Has Spoken” Annual Benefit Fashion Show happens today at EPIC Railyard from 5-7PM.All Attendees are invited to wear their ‘best crown.’ A portion of its proceeds to the "Mija ...

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