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​ Plaza Classic Film Festival

1 min read

The Plaza Classic Film Festival, which returns for its 17th year July 18-28, 2024, was started by the El Paso Community Foundation in 2008 as a special project to bring movies back to th...


​ Boundaries: How to say no to others

2 min read

If you struggle to say no, learning to identify signs of personal discomfort can help you know when to draw the line. These five signs indicate your need to say no for your own good. 1....


​ National Daiquiri Day

1 min read

Each year on July 19th, people across the United States fill their glasses with a rum-based cocktail and toast to National Daiquiri Day. So, raise your glass and join all the others in t...


​ The wonders of summer fruits

1 min read

Researchers believe that people who eat four to five servings of fruit daily, as part of a well-balanced diet, may reduce their risk for many diseases. And right now, is a perfect time t...


How to Grill Summer Fruit

1 min read

Grilled summer fruits like cantaloupe and watermelon will be the hit of the cookout. While each kind of fruit is a little different when it comes to grilling, here some common things to ...


Beat the heat with these summer exercise alternatives

2 min read

The sweltering heat may hinder your ability to continue your outdoor exercise routine. In fact, it is recommended that you limit sun and heat exposure. Here are a few alternatives to out...


Reducing processed meat intake brings health benefits

1 min read

Reducing consumption of processed meat by around one-third could prevent more than 350,000 cases of diabetes in the US over 10 years, a study suggests. Cutting US adults' processed me...


Understanding weight loss and mental health

2 min read

While most therapists will encourage having a positive body image regardless of your weight, it has been long believed that losing weight improves your mental health. Here’s how: 1. Redu...


Eat your JELL-O Day

1 min read

July 12th is recognized as Eat Your Jello Day and with plenty of flavors to choose from, you should have no problem finding one you like. Trademarked in 1897 by Pearle Wait of Leroy, N...


The truth about Weight-loss supplements

2 min read

There are many over-the-counter diet products, including herbal remedies but many physicians believe that these products do not work and some can even be dangerous. Nearly all over-the-c...


How Much Weight Can You Lose from Exercising

1 min read

While it is almost impossible to predict how much weight you will lose from exercising, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that individuals who lose weight at a healthy...


​ These veggies help you lose the most weight

1 min read

Vegetables are the most weight-loss friendly foods according to dieticians. That’s because most are low in calories and offer filling fiber, which helps tide you over and decrease urges ...


​ Optimum protection against diabetes: Weight loss plus remission of prediabetes

1 min read

People with prediabetes are advised to reduce their weight to prevent manifest diabetes. Researchers from the Institute for Diabetes Research and Metabolic Diseases of Helmholtz Munich a...


UTEP Dinner Theatre Concert

1 min read

Join the UTEP Dinner Theatre as they present a concert of music highlighting performances from the past 41 years, including EVITA, A CHORUS LINE, THE KING AND I, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, ...


Summer Burn Out Tips

2 min read

Summer fatigue or summer burnout is that sluggish feeling that you sometimes experience because of the effects of hot weather. Here are a few tips on how to curb your burn out: 1. Create...


Learn about our city with Viva El Paso!

1 min read

Viva! El Paso is an annually performed musical which celebrates El Paso's cultural history through dance, drama, narration and songs. It has been running almost continually since 1978 an...


Use a mineral based sunscreen

1 min read

Zinc oxide is a mineral substance that has long been utilized by health product brands in all its forms – think diaper rash ointments, for example – and can also act as an effective sun ...


Best foods for keeping your skin healthy

1 min read

Healthy skin begins with a healthy diet. Here are some top options: 1. Fatty fish Fatty fish, such as salmon, mackerel, and herring, are excellent foods for healthy skin. They’re rich so...


Sunscreen most important part of your outdoor workout

1 min read

If you are someone who loves to walk or run in the park or play summer sports, sunscreen should be an essential part of your workout routine experts say. The importance of sunscreen ...


Albuquerque Isotopes at El Paso Chihuahuas

1 min read

It’s the battle of these great southwest teams. Join Chihuahuas as they take on the Isotopes at Southwest University Park 1 Ballpark Plaza El Paso, TX 79901 Sun 7 Jul 2024 - 6:05 pm


​ The sunscreen paradox: Researchers warn of 'false sense of security'

1 min read

Sunscreen usage is climbing, but so are melanoma and skin cancer rates: this, researchers say, is the sunscreen paradox. "The problem is that people use sunscreen as a 'permission slip...


It’s up to you to be UV aware!

1 min read

It’s Summertime and July brings us UV Safety Awareness Month. Whether heading out to the pool, water park or exploring the Great Outdoors it’s important to remember to protect your skin ...


ECO Crafts at Keystone Heritage Park

1 min read

Join in on the fun in these co-creative craft sessions suitable for all ages. Come build practical and creative sustainable DIY projects with Eco El Paso board member, Fernanda Lugo, Sun...


Parents may experience negative emotions during the summer

2 min read

It can be normal for parents to experience negative emotions in the summer. Parenting is a full-time job that often doesn’t offer a break, especially in the summer when children are home...

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