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The mid-holiday diet cleanse

1 min read

The holidays are usually a fat heavy, sugar heavy, cheese heavy, kind of time, and this cleanse is designed to give your body a break from these indulgences. The focus of the cleanse is ...


Keep moving this season

1 min read

We have been offering new ideas about how to stay active this holiday season but in addition to staying active, experts say to avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time. Hours on the c...


Link between diet, intestinal stem cells and disease discovered

2 min read

Obesity, diabetes and gastrointestinal cancer are frequently linked to an unhealthy diet. However, the molecular mechanisms responsible for this are not fully understood. Researchers hav...


​ Free Holiday movies at the Plaza

1 min read

Visit El Paso’s most historic theatre as today they present Home Alone (PG) at 1:00p.m. and A Christmas Story (PG) at 3:30 p.m. For more information visit:


​ Social anxiety around family

3 min read

Experiencing social anxiety around family is common especially if you feel like your family members do not respecting your boundaries. Here are some ideas on how to handle social anxiety...


​ Open your heart this Black Friday

1 min read

Perhaps there is no day that celebrates gross consumerism more than Black Friday. Today, we encourage you to make sure to include at least one gift or donation for those less fortunate. Let ...


Drink herbal tea after a large meal

1 min read

The after-effects of overeating can dampen your holiday enjoyment. Here’s a quick fixto ease your stomach after you have over-indulged: Drink herbal tea. Sipping on herbal teas can promo...


Try a (slightly) healthier Thanksgiving Dinner

1 min read

If you are trying not to totally wreck your diet this Thanksgiving, take heart: White turkey meat, plain vegetables, roasted sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, (hold the gravy) and pumpkin...


Get Moving after Thanksgiving Dinner

1 min read

Even the most die-hard fitness nut gives himself a pass on Thanksgiving. This year, in particular as we reunite with friends and family that we may have not seen for a while, it’s easy t...


Exercise increases the body’s own ‘cannabis-like' substance

1 min read

Exercise increases the body's own cannabis-like substances, which in turn helps reduce inflammation and could potentially help treat certain conditions such as arthritis, cancer and hear...


Las Artistas

1 min read

Las Artistas The 2021 Las Artistas Art & Fine Crafts Show will be held November 20 & 21 at the historic Epic Railyard Event Center at 2201 E. Mills Avenue.The annual show features someth...


Giving thanks can make you happier

2 min read

Each holiday season comes with high expectations for a cozy and festive time of year. However, for many this time of year is tinged with sadness, anxiety, or depression. Certainly, major...


Sharing is caring this Thanksgiving

1 min read

This year, The Great Khalid Foundation will be helping El Pasoans who might not be able to afford a Thanksgiving dinner. Today, on Inspire Friday, we encourage you to donate money or ...


​ Essential Oils for fall allergies

1 min read

Essential oils can be a great way to open your nasal passages during allergy season. Any of your favorite essential oils will do, but menthol-based ones will work the best at clearing up...


​ Foods to ‘fall’ for

1 min read

Almost every diet stresses the importance of eating seasonally and (when possible) locally. Here are some foods that are in season now and that should be a part of our diet: Root...


Don’t take a holiday from fitness

1 min read

It seems that the months of November and December whiz by and the holidays, while festive, wreak havoc on our normal routines. Making time for everything can be a challenge but experts s...


​ Anxiety effectively treated with exercise

1 min read

Both moderate and strenuous exercise alleviate symptoms of anxiety, even when the disorder is chronic, a study led by researchers at the University of Gothenburg shows.The study, now publish...


El Paso Family Expo

1 min read

Elegant Penguin Enterprises presents the El Paso Family Expo "We are One.” The 2-Day Family Expo continues today, November 14, for the whole family back to El Paso with activities for ki...


Happiness and Well-Being

2 min read

Recognizing the characteristics of emotional well-being is helpful in understanding some of the keys to happiness. People with good emotional health usually display the following: Be...


​ Learn how to make jams and jellies

1 min read

Fall is an ideal time to preserve fresh fruit to enjoy through the winter. Learning to make your own jams, preserves and jellies can be a useful skill. Plus, it is also good to know exactly ...


Eat Foods High in Prebiotics

2 min read

Your intestinal cells have a detoxification and excretion system that protects your gut and body from harmful toxins, such as chemicals. Gut health is important for keeping your detoxifi...


​ High protein breakfast cups

2 min read

As the holidays near and tasty temptations abound, dieticians say that the best way to help avoid over-eating and consuming extra calories is to eat a high protein breakfast. These easy to m...


Holiday workout ideas

2 min read

As we get closer to the holidays, will offer quick and easy ideas to squeeze in some physical activities amid the holiday cheer. We continue this week with an easy st...


Eating alone may be bad for your heart

1 min read

As women age, their risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) exceeds men's largely because of decreased levels of estrogen that regulate vascular function. As a result, much research is focused ...

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