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Tacos Y Mas Festival

1 min read

Tacos y Mas Festival is an annual event held in El Paso Texas that celebrates the city's vibrant taco culture. You can expect to find a wide variety of tacos including traditional favori...


Signs of a midlife crisis

2 min read

The severity of midlife crisis symptoms can vary from person to person. Gender can also play a role in how a midlife crisis unfolds. Women may be more likely to go through a period of se...


National Pinot Noir Day

1 min read

National Pinot Noir Day on August 18th encourages wine lovers to experience one of the wine world’s most versatile wines. Since Pinot Noir’s high acidity along with the lower tannins, it...


Help your skin glow with these foods

2 min read

A diet high in essential fatty acids (EFAs) can help prevent skin dryness and signs of aging. EFAs are important fats that our bodies need to function. Unfortunately, we can’t produce EF...


Is there an anti-aging diet?

2 min read

While you cannot turn back the hands of time, (no matter what Cher sings about) there is a diet plan specifically designed to protect brain health and ward off dementia. Research conduct...


Anti-Aging Cardio Workout

1 min read

A Brigham Young University study found that people who ran 30 to 40 minutes at high intensity five days a week were consistently biologically younger than those who followed more moderat...


Inflammation discovery could slow aging, prevent age-related diseases

1 min read

University of Virginia School of Medicine researchers have discovered a key driver of chronic inflammation that accelerates aging. That finding could let us slow the clock to live longer...


Back to School Bash

1 min read

Join the Back-to-School Bash Sunday, August 13: 12-4pm at The Outlet Shoppes, 7051 S Desert Blvd, Canutillo, TX. Step into the world of superheroes with a Meet and Greet with Spider-Man ...


Getting kids emotionally ready for ‘back to school’

2 min read

The start of the school year is difficult for many children. It is often filled with anxiety, dread, and other negative emotions. Experts believe that talking with your kids about the u...


Motivating your child to do well in school

2 min read

Here are some tips on how to keep your children motivated to do well in school. 1. Show your child that you value education Valuing education starts with making sure your child is p...


Help your kids concentrate – naturally

2 min read

Dopamine is the primary neurotransmitter that helps us to focus, feel motivated, and find pleasure in activities. Kids who have problems with focus and attention, memory, problem-solving...


Ideas for after-school snacks

2 min read

Every kid is different–and that includes their appetite. Yours may be going through a growth spurt that makes them perpetually hungry. Or your child may have a smaller appetite and tend ...


Guidelines for keeping kids active

2 min read

Making sure the children in your life are active will help them develop strong muscles and bones, maintain a healthy weight and may even help them get a good night’s sleep. Physically ...


Link found between childhood television watching and adulthood metabolic syndrome

1 min read

A University of Otago study has added weight to the evidence that watching too much television as a child can lead to poor health in adulthood. The research, led by Professor Bob Hanc...



1 min read

This dog friendly event will be held from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM on August 6, 2023, at Westside Dog Park Sun, Aug 6, 1 – 3 PM. Location: 7400 High Ridge Dr, El Paso, TX. Celebrate the univer...


Mindfulness to reduce stress

2 min read

Moments of stress typically begin with three thoughts: • Something is wrong. • There isn’t enough ____. (Money, time, fill in the blank) • I need to do something. So, what can we do to h...


National Chocolate Chip Day

1 min read

August 4th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Since it is also Inspire Friday, here’s a ‘healthier’ recipe to satisfy your craving without completely wrecking your diet. Healthy Choc...


Eucalyptus essential oil for lung health

1 min read

Many people use this oil without realizing it. Over-the-counter vapor or chest rubs marketed to suppress coughs often contain eucalyptus oil. Or they may include the oil’s key compound, ...


Foods to Promote Lung Health

2 min read

These five foods have been shown to have a positive impact on lung health. • Apples: Due to the presence of the antioxidant quercetin, apples have been proven to reduce lung decline and...


Are your lungs in good physical shape?

2 min read

August 1 is World Lung Cancer Day, and whether you are young or old, slender or large, able-bodied or living with a chronic illness or disability, being physically active can help keep y...


​ Gene mutation may explain why some don't get sick from COVID-19

1 min read

People who contract COVID-19 but never develop symptoms -- the so-called super dodgers -- may have a genetic ace up their sleeve. They're more than twice as likely as those who become sympto...


Plaza Classic Film Festival

1 min read

The Plaza Classic Film Festival, which goes into its 16th year July 20-30, 2023, was started by the El Paso Community Foundation in 2008 as a special project to bring movies back to the ...


What is cinema therapy?

1 min read

Aside from providing entertainment and a distraction from a stressful day, watching movies could also be a therapy technique. Cinema and video therapy are sometimes used as a part of psy...


Get ready for National Waterpark Day

1 min read

On Friday, July 28th, laughter and fun are just a couple of the requirements on National Waterpark Day. (Uh, we also recommend bathing suits.) Waterparks around the world provide thr...

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