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​ How to purge your pantry for better health

​ How to purge your pantry for better health

31 Jan 2024 by Ted Escobedo   2 min read
Like most people, the new year brought a renewed commitment to eat better. But you may be setting yourself up for defeat if the foods tucked away in your pantry are fat and calorie bombs. Here are some tips to clean out your pantry for better health.

• Toss out Junk Food
While staples for most Americans, these foods can derail your diet plans fast. Foods to purge include white sugar, bleached flour, chocolate chips, fried snacks, and candy. Donate whatever can be salvaged, then toss the rest. Keeping these types of ingredients and snacks around can slow you down, ultimately preventing you from reaching your goals.
• Introduce more nutrient-packed staples Take this opportunity to designate a shelf for healthy staples, such as smoothie supplies like proteins and fiber powder. Other great additions include adaptogens, herbs, teas, and supplements. You don’t have to stock up immediately and extensively to make radically healthy changes in your life. Yet clearing the real estate and taking ingredient inventory is the perfect way to streamline new healthy practices and carve a path for realistic resolutions.

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