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Overcome your dieting mindset

Overcome your dieting mindset

30 Aug 2023 by Ted Escobedo   2 min read

When you’re in a diet mindset, you’re more focused on rules around eating than you are on using your own internal intuition. Here’s how to start shifting your mindset and restore some balance:
1. Don’t view food as good and bad
It’s important to know that food isn’t good or bad. Think of food as healthy foods, everyday foods, and treat foods or pleasure. Eating a little chocolate, isn’t bad. It isn’t going to ruin your health. No food is ‘fattening’ or bad for your health unless you eat too much of it.
2. Don’t ban foods. It’s the fastest way to bring on food cravings. You’ll be surprised how the power of food is reduced when you allow yourself to eat it. You can eat pleasurable foods and still maintain weight and good health. It’s about moderation, and although this isn’t very trendy right now, it really works.
3. Find your own healthy balance
The best way to eat is to follow a pattern that works for you. Find a healthy eating pattern that works for you, rather than worrying about everything you’ve read and how you should be following all this advice. There are lots of healthy ways to eat. Sometimes, seeing a registered nutritionist or a dietitian is the best way to help you find a healthy balance that works for you.
4. Eat mindfully
Try to start eating your meals more mindfully. Turn off the TV or computer. Sit down and enjoy the experience of eating. Eat your food slowly. Notice the flavors and textures of your food. This really helps with satisfaction and enjoyment and helps you tune into your own hunger and satiety cues as well. When you eat your favorite foods mindfully, rather than feeling guilty about it, you may find that you are satisfied with less and enjoy them more.

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