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How to set healthy social media boundaries

How to set healthy social media boundaries

03 Feb 2024 by Ted Escobedo   2 min read

While taking breaks from social media is great, it’s important to be realistic (and not militant) about your use. If social media is a part of your life, there are ways to lessen some of the negative effects.
Some steps you can take are:
• Unfollow accounts that have a negative effect on your mood or self-image.
• Remove photos from your own profile that trigger self-judgment.
• Delete any negative DMs, trolling, or spam.
• Unsave posts that encourage you to compare yourself to others.
You can also set an example for mindful, authentic posting, so others can be inspired by your feed and perhaps follow suit. Here are a few tips:
• Skip the filter and showcase the real you.
• Post photos of the “messy” moments, not just the perfect ones.
• Remind others in your captions that you’re a real person with flaws, hang-ups, and insecurities — just like them.
• Post encouraging comments on others’ posts.
• Post about taking breaks when you take them to remind others, they can do the same.
For most of us, social media is simply a part of our lives, for better and for worse. At the same time, we can use it in a way that emphasizes the positive over the negative, both for us and for others
With a little conscious use, occasional breaks, and balance with other activities, social media can be a healthy tool for self-expression and connection.

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