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The benefits of imaginary exercise

The benefits of imaginary exercise

31 Aug 2021 by Ted Escobedo   2 min read
We have all heard the phrase, ‘mind over matter.’ Well, studies show that our bodies respond by simply imagining exercise. Researchers analyzed data from a study of patients who had their arms in casts, in which half of them imagined exercise with their broken arm and the other half didn’t. When the casts were removed, those who’d imagined exercising had twice as much strength in that arm as those who hadn’t.

Yes, the imagining of motion, which occurs in the same part of the brain where the impulse to move originates, does have physical benefits. And, while it’s not a substitute for real exercise, imaginary exercise has been shown to improve the performance of those who do highly physical jobs, like surgeons, athletes, and musicians.

By using our minds to amplify the physical benefits of exercise can not only put you in the right mind-set, but it may also result in a better workout.

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