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Tapping Exercises for stress relief

Tapping Exercises for stress relief

02 Feb 2023 by Ted Escobedo   2 min read

'EFT Tapping' draws on the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture, which teaches that the body's energy travels along specific pathways. Certain points on these pathways are stimulated to improve the flow of energy. The stimulation is done by inserting very thin needles (acupuncture) or by applying pressure (acupressure).
Studies show that acupuncture is effective for some conditions. Some scientists believe that it works because it stimulates the central nervous system and causes the body to release helpful chemicals. Tapping stimulates acupoints by touch rather than using needles, making it like acupressure.
How Is Tapping Performed?
You can perform your own tapping sequences, or you can work with a practitioner. Tapping is easy to use as a self-help technique because you can do it any time you feel the need. Tapping procedures can differ slightly, but most use these locations: the heel of the hand, three locations around the eye, the area below the nose, the area below the lips, the collarbone, the underarm, and the top of the head. From seven to nine taps are delivered on each spot.
Tapping sessions follow a set sequence:
• Begin by stating what is on your mind and rating your distress on a scale of 0 to 10
• Speak your "set-up statement," which identifies the issue and includes a statement of self-acceptance
• Begin the tapping sequence, using your fingers to tap on the specified sites
• As you tap, use a reminder phrase to stay focused on your problem area
• At the end of the sequence, rate your distress
• Continue the process until your distress rating is very low

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