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Start The New Year with A Positive Attitude

Start The New Year with A Positive Attitude

14 Jan 2023 by Ted Escobedo   2 min read

A new year is a perfect time to adopt a new attitude. Here are some simple ways to help kick off the year on a positive note and how to keep it up for the next 12 months.
1. Start each day positively - Get up and before you let yourself get into a negative mindset make a promise to yourself to be positive.
2. Make being positive a habit - Instead of giving in to negative thoughts you can train your mind to be positive. Whenever you find yourself thinking negatively, immediately replace it with a positive saying or mantra that you have chosen in advance. Before you know it will become like a reflex response.
3. Associate with people who bring you up and not down. This may be a difficult decision, but you will know who has a positive effect on your emotional state and who doesn’t. Go out of your way to spend most of your time with the ‘uppers’ and not the downers.
4. Celebrate the good things in your life with gratitude. It should come as no surprise that the happiest people are those who exhibit gratitude for even the littlest things in life.

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