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Move over 2022

Move over 2022

04 Jan 2022 by Ted Escobedo   2 min read

Study after study has shown that sitting for an extended period each day can make us fat and increases our risk of serious health complications. If you are like millions of others, you have made a resolution to get physical in the new year. Research has found that just two and a half hours of weekly exercise can help extend your life and decrease your risk of heart disease. And get this: it doesn't matter how you choose to spend those 150 weekly minutes exercising. Whether you sign up for a spin class or take up walking around your neighborhood, any physical activity counts. Here are a few ideas:

  • House cleaning: Cleaning for just 25 minutes can burn 100 calories.
  • Weigh Down Your Errands. Wear ankle weights while shopping. Keeping ankle weights in your car are a great way to make grocery shopping and picking up dry cleaning a little bit more challenging and increase the number of calories that you burn.
  • Park Farther Away. Go out of your way to find the furthest parking spot before entering a mall or store.
  • Find a Flight of Stairs. You may be surprised how much weight you can lose by doing it. According to the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, a 150-pound person could lose about 6 pounds per year just by climbing up two flights of stairs every day! Bump that up to six, and you could drop 18 pounds without ever hitting the gym.
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