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Mindful Morning Shower Meditation

Mindful Morning Shower Meditation

24 Feb 2023 by Ted Escobedo   1 min read

If you shower in the morning, you can easily incorporate mindfulness into your routine. It is best to remove any distractions while you shower, but if you would like, you can play gentle instrumental music in the background.

Here’s how to meditate in the morning:

  • Focus on the sensation of the water running over the crown of your head and down your entire body. Imagine the water cleansing stress, tension, and worry from the body and mind.
  • Bring your attention to the five senses. This can aid in grounding for decreased stress and anxiety, improving long-term energy and focus. Notice the temperature of the water and the air.
  • Smell the different soaps and shampoos as you wash. Allow yourself to indulge in the moment by closing your eyes as you stand under the water. If you get distracted, come back to one of your senses.

This shower meditation does not take any extra time from your day; it is simply a way to incorporate present-moment awareness into your routine.


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