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Lift weights to lift your spirits

Lift weights to lift your spirits

15 Apr 2023 by Ted Escobedo   2 min read

As with most exercises, the mental health benefits are just as important as the physical. Here are some ways weight training can improve your mental health.
• Decreases anxiety
Anxiety can range from short-term worry to general anxiety disorder (GAD) and other clinical forms of anxiety. And they can all have a big impact on your everyday life. Lifting weights can have a positive effect on anxiety for men and women of all ages and exercise backgrounds. Experts know that it can improve sleep quality and quantity, improve quality of life, and reduce the clinical severity of anxiety.
• Reduces depression
Studies have shown that lifting weights at home or in the gym can significantly reduce depressive symptoms in adults. That means you won't just feel better, you may see a reduction in symptoms of depression. The results are most significant for people with mild to moderate depression.
• Boosts brainpower
There's plenty of evidence to show that lifting weights improves your mood and brain power regardless of your starting point. Lifting weights can improve your cognitive performance – which basically means how well your brain works. Experts think it's probably to do with the mathematical and repetitive nature of training with weights which stimulates the neurochemistry of the brain's attentional system. This could result in improved memory, more creativity, better productivity, sharper focus, or more clarity of thought. All great benefits for when you get back to work or study after your workout.

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