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Lavender to ease headache pain

Lavender to ease headache pain

18 Aug 2022 by Ted Escobedo   2 min read

Lavender has been used throughout ancient history for its calming properties. In addition, it was used for its healing purposes to treat migraine attacks, as well as epilepsy, insect bites, parasitic infections, burns, and tremor. This practice of using lavender to treat migraine attacks has now re-emerged, and there is scientific evidence (though limited) to back up its use.

In one small study, 47 participants with migraine were divided into two groups. One group inhaled lavender essential oil for 15 minutes in the early stages of their attack (two to three drops of the oil was rubbed onto their upper lip). The other group (the control group) used liquid paraffin for 15 minutes. The participants were asked to record the severity of their migraine headache in 30-minute intervals for a total of two hours.

Using a pain scale called the Visual Analog Scale, the participants who inhaled the lavender essential oil had a significantly greater reduction in migraine headache severity compared to the control group 1.

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