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How to Stop Worrying

How to Stop Worrying

15 Oct 2022 by Ted Escobedo   3 min read

There are things (and people) in life that we have absolutely no control over. It is a hard truth for some to accept. This denial can lead to becoming a control freak or an excessive worrier. Here are a few ways to help curb the worrying.
1. Determine what you can control.
When you find yourself worrying, take a minute to examine the things you have control over. You can't prevent a storm from coming, but you can prepare for it. You can't control how someone else behaves, but you can control how you react. Recognize that, sometimes, all you can control is your effort and your attitude. When you put your energy into the things you can control, you'll be much more effective.
2. Focus on your influence.
You can influence people and circumstances, but you can't force things to go your way. So, while you can give your child the tools, they need to get good grades, you can't make them get all A’s. You can also plan a good party; you can't make people have fun.
To have the most influence, focus on changing your behavior. Be a good role model and set healthy boundaries for yourself. When you have concerns about someone else's choices, share your opinion, but only share it once. Don't try to fix people who don't want to be fixed.
3. Identify your fears.
Ask yourself what you are afraid will happen: Are you predicting a catastrophic outcome? Do you doubt your ability to cope with disappointment? Usually, the worst-case scenario isn't as tragic as you might envision. There's a good chance you're stronger than you think.

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