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Do you have the summertime blues?

Do you have the summertime blues?

18 Jun 2022 by Ted Escobedo   2 min read

Warm-weather mood changes are often referred to as the “summertime blues.” It’s not an official diagnosis because symptoms aren’t severe enough to be categorized as depression, and experts say it’s difficult to estimate how many people are affected.

The symptoms of the summertime blues are like that of Seasonal Affective Disorder, (SAD) such as low mood and a lack of energy, but less debilitating.

Summertime blues can have a range of causes, and may stem from schedule changes, including having fewer or more disrupted routines during the summer

The weather can be another contributor to summertime blues. Many people find the heat and humidity to be intolerable, leading them to hole up in their homes and avoid exercising or cooking because of the weather. Isolation, inactivity, and unhealthy eating can all contribute to low moods and low energy levels,

As is the case for SAD, longer days and shorter nights can interrupt sleep patterns, causing people to have less energy during the day which may also contribute to feeling down.

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