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Benefits of Listening to Music While Eating

Benefits of Listening to Music While Eating

05 Apr 2023 by Ted Escobedo   2 min read

Enjoying music while having dinner can do more than just set a mood. Listening to music while eating can help nurture healthy eating habits. Here’s how:
• Relieves Stress While Boosting Reward Sensation
By playing some upbeat songs at a low to moderate volume, you can improve your mood at mealtime, ease your stress levels, and scale back food cravings. This can make it easier for you to avoid binging on foods out of your emotional state. To get the most benefit from listening to music while eating, turn on the tunes well before you sit down. Play the songs while you choose and prepare your foods too. If you feel hungry at a time when you’re not ready for a meal or snack, let the songs help you to choose whether you really should have something and what you should have if you do.
• Provides a Distraction
Listening to music while you’re eating is helpful, but so is playing songs at times when all you can think about is food. This may come in especially handy when you’re at the grocery store. By distracting you from all the tempting foods on the shelves, you can use songs to make it easier to stick to your list. That way, you won’t end up with so many foods in your home that don’t align with your healthy diet.
• Slows Your Chewing
Listening to music while eating can help to slow down the pace at which you chew, giving your body more of a chance to register when it feels full. It takes around 20 minutes for the stomach to send a fullness signal to the brain. Unfortunately, most of us wolf down our food far faster than that. By choosing slower tunes at dinnertime, you’ll be more likely to move at a slower pace and give your body more of a chance to know when it’s had enough. This will allow you to be naturally satisfied by less food every day.

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