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​ What is ‘holistic fitness?’

​ What is ‘holistic fitness?’

13 Apr 2021 by Ted Escobedo   2 min read
Many people have begun approaching fitness as one piece of a larger health puzzle rather than a way to simply gain strength. By balancing exercise with restorative activities like sleep and meditation, fitness becomes part of the overall picture to wellness.

It is important to include physical as part of our everyday program of health maintenance. Always begin with a low level of exercise and increase over time as your strength and endurance allows. Flowing, stretching and meditative styles of exercise such as Yoga and Tai Chi are most beneficial to our overall sense of wellness and long term health. But regular cardio such as bicycling, brisk walking, swimming or hiking is needed for cardio-vascular, energy and bone health.

To maintain good health and to support the efficient functioning of your body systems, you need to also need to make conscious food choices. Healthy “whole” foods will help keep your weight within acceptable limits and enhance the positive effects of exercise. Healthy nutrition is an essential component of holistic fitness. “Whole” foods restore your body’s natural functions, healthy foods give you the clean fuel you need to live your potential.

Last, you must set aside some quiet, meditative time.

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