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​ Stretching can make you stronger

​ Stretching can make you stronger

14 Sep 2021 by Ted Escobedo   2 min read
Here are a few of the ways regular stretching helps you get stronger:

1. Stretching lengthens muscle tissue and increases flexibility, both of which allow you to perform strength building moves with greater range of movement, making the exercise more effective.

2. When you are building muscle, you are creating tiny tears in the muscles and lactic acid builds up. Stretching post-workout helps the body circulate fresh blood, feeding nutrients to these hungry muscles.

3. Post-workout stretching helps to remove the buildup of lactic acid which goes a long way in reducing post-workout soreness and delayed onset muscle soreness.

4. Stretching helps to prevent injuries. If you’re suffering from a rotator cuff injury, for example, you won’t be able to continue your regular upper body strength training until the injury heals. It is important to take steps to reduce your risk of injury before they happen.

The most effective way to stretch pre-workout is called dynamic stretching. This kind of stretching is safer than static stretching when your muscles are still cold. It prepares the muscles for your workout by mimicking the exercises you are about to perform. An example would be doing a set of bodyweight squats before adding weight. The most effective way to stretch post-workout is static stretching because at this point your body is thoroughly warmed up and you can safely hold a stretch for 30 seconds. Just don’t go past your “edge.”

Pre- and post-workout stretching can be done in 5 minutes, so you really have no excuse. And if you’ve got more than five minutes, why not drop in to one of our weekly Yoga classes for a full body stretch and more. Visit for yoga class information


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