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​ Mouthwatering foods for dry winter skin

​ Mouthwatering foods for dry winter skin

13 Jan 2022 by Ted Escobedo   2 min read

You can help treat dry, winter skin by choosing foods that can restore your skin’s moisture.Your skin normally keeps itself well-protected with a layer of naturally occurring fats and oils that lock in moisture and block potential irritants. However, that exterior layer can easily be stripped away by dry weather, harsh soaps, hot showers and frequent hand washing.

Restoring your skin’s natural moisture barrier can be as simple as eating foods that contain the vitamins and minerals your thirsty skin craves, like fats and oils. Here are a few ideas:

  • Bell Peppers are great for hydrating from the inside out. They are full of nutrients like vitamin B6, iron, potassium, folate, vitamin E and vitamin A.
  • A single sweet potato, with the skin on, offers 1,403 micrograms of vitamin A. That’s a whopping 156 percent of your recommended daily total. While it’s commonly found in skincare products in the form of retinol, vitamin A can also work from the inside out. It’ll help your skin cells repair and regenerate properly, two key functions that play a role in your skin’s moisture barrier.
  • Avocados are especially wonderful for those who are dealing with dry skin. Packed with a ton of vitamins B, C and E, avocados also offer a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids. Those omega-3s can help keep your skin moist, allowing it to naturally hang onto more water to alleviate dryness.
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