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Walk out of a sedentary lifestyle

Walk out of a sedentary lifestyle

14 Apr 2020 by Ted Escobedo   3 min read

By now, even the most devoted exercise enthusiast might be having trouble staying motivated. If you never really exercised much to begin with, ‘staying in place’might be making it all that much harder to get moving. The hardest part is getting started but after you do, it will get easier. Here are our tips for starting to break out of a sedentary lifestyle.

The key is to start a new routine and stick to it. In order to break out of staying sedentary, you must first break with the ordinary. Make a commitment to form good habits. Design your new routine-one that limits your time sitting

• Take that first step. Go for a quick walk first thing in the morning. Do not wait until you “want to take a walk.” Commit to do it daily. Like brushing your teeth or getting dressed – don’t think about it – no option. Going first thing in the morning prevents procrastination or time to talk yourself out if it. Start small, even if it's a walk next door and back. Next time go a little farther.

  • Make it impossible to ignore. Set out walking clothes and sneakers by the bed and get walking before you are even fully awake.
  • If you feel self conscious walking outside with other people around, wake up early and go before everyone else is up and about.
  • If going outdoors still isn’t your style, try house laps. Start small. Set a timer, maybe once per hour, do one lap. When that feels easy, bump it up to more laps or more often.
  • You can also march in place, jump rope or do house laps in between episodes while binge watching the latest show you are addicted to.
  • Folding laundry? Instead of plopping down on the bed or couch while you fold, walk each piece to its place every time. You’d be shocked at how many steps you get!
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