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Step up exercise now to avoid ‘holiday weight gain’

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Step up exercise now to avoid ‘holiday weight gain’

11 Oct 2022 by Ted Escobedo   3 min read

Over the next few weeks, we can expect: Halloween candy, pumpkin spice lattes, specialty cocktails and food galore. The fall and holiday seasons bring delicious treats – but the trick is to step up your workout routine now to help avoid the typical holiday weight gain. Here are a few tips to get moving now and continue throughout the holidays.
• Sign up for a class
It's easy to fall into a fitness slump doing the same old routine for months at a time. When your workout becomes a bore, it becomes easier to skip. To mix things up and keep your workout fun, try signing up for a new class. It can be spin, Tai-chi, Zumba or anything else you have been wanting to try. Not only will you have fun and work new muscles, but your commitment to the class will keep you showing up throughout the holidays.
• Incorporate interval training
Interval training is an effective way to ramp up your fitness routine because high-intensity interval training burns more calories in a shorter period than longer, less-intense activities like walking. To begin interval training, incorporate short bursts of speed into your workout. For example, if you normally jog at a 10-minute-per-mile pace, adding a quick 10 second sprint after every 5 minutes of running will help you zap calories and improve your endurance over time.
• Add weight training to your cardio routine
If your workout is all cardio and no resistance training, now is the time to incorporate weights into your fitness routine. Everyone knows that lifting weights builds muscle, so you'll tone up over time, but lifting also increases your metabolism because muscle burns more calories when your body is at rest. Begin lifting now and reap the benefits during the holiday season.

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