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Manifest your own mantra

Manifest your own mantra

28 Feb 2020 by Ted Escobedo   2 min read

Mantras are like medicine for the soul. They can be extremely powerful when repeated often and with consistency. Mantras can even help us establish healthier relationships with food, fitness, and our lifestyle.

Mantras have become a modern buzz-word but they are far from modern. Dating back to ancient times and originating in Sanskrit, mantras have been used for centuries to help focus our mind, soul and intentions. If you are thinking about adopting a positive change in your life, you may consider creating your own mantra to help align with your intention.

Here is one approach to creating your mantra:

1. Review your biggest life achievements. Write down five to eight of your proudest moments to date—anything from landing a job, winning a contest, getting married or having a child. This list is just for you so include anything that made you feel like you were winning in life.

2. Select the one item that makes you feel the most confident, self-assured, and fulfilled.

4.Write down one word that captures the emotion you felt during that pivotal moment in your life. This is your mantra. Your mantra is the ultimate positive statement that truly resonates with your heart and mind. No one else needs to know about it or understand it.

5. Use this one word daily. Especially at times when you are feeling that things need to be put back on track. Focus on your mantra silently when you need to be reminded of your ability and your capacity to create the life you want. Like an uplifting affirmation, your personal mantra will give you the immediate confidence injection you need.

What will yours be?

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