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Emotional health and shoulder tension related

Emotional health and shoulder tension related

01 Aug 2020 by Ted Escobedo   2 min read

Earlier in the week we talked about how to help alleviate the physical ailments of shoulder pain. Today, we look at the emotional factors that also play a large role in feeling as if we are carrying the world on your shoulders.

Those who work on their chakras believe that the shoulders are connected with the fifth chakra. On an energetic level, tension in the shoulders can mean that we have an imbalance in this energy center caused by an inability to let go or forgive. This hypercritical behavior can also be directed at yourself. Forgiveness, it turns out, releases energy that we carry in our shoulders.

Another belief for the tension we cause in our shoulders is negative talk.

The fifth chakra is also the throat chakra. An imbalance at this energetic center can mean that you have problems saying what you mean or meaning what you say. You may be suppressing your truth, or your words might be laden with negativity. Do you talk badly to others or about others? Do you say things you later regret? This may cause an imbalance which can mean resulting physical tension.

Whether you subscribe to the belief in chakra therapy or not, the real take away is that tension in our shoulders is caused by emotional distress. Forgive and talk kindly to yourself and others and you may see some of that tension ease.

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