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​ Experts weigh-in on the effects of ultra-processed foods

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​ Experts weigh-in on the effects of ultra-processed foods

13 Jun 2022 by Ted Escobedo   1 min read
Dietary guidelines form the basis for nutrition advice and regulations around the world. While there is strong scientific consensus around most existing guidelines, one question has recently stirred debate: Should consumers be warned to avoid ultra-processed foods?

Studies have linked consumption of ultra-processed foods -- which are often high in salt, sugar and fat -- with weight gain and an increased risk of chronic diseases, even after adjusting for salt, sugar and fat in the diet. While the mechanisms behind these associations are not fully understood, Carlos A. Monteiro, MD, PhD, of the University of São Paulo in São Paulo, argues that the existing evidence is sufficient to justify discouraging consumption of ultra-processed foods in dietary recommendations and government policies.

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